Founder of Silky Rain
Isuranthi Ranaraja

Silky Rain was founded in Australia by Isuranthi Ranaraja out of a passion for creating calm and peaceful spaces using natural and ethical products.

Professionally, Isuranthi is a Finance Manager who works within the not for profit industry.

Her love for candles sprouted from her travel and meditation experiences. She would carry candles and fragrances and use the light of the candle to create a beautiful and clam ambiance to focus her mind in stunning natural environments.

This led her to launch Silky Rain, with the purpose of helping people create a peaceful space where they can clear their mind and find clarity and happiness.

All Silky Rain products are hand-poured in Australia, using coconut shells sourced from farmers in Sri Lanka and Vietnam. We are dedicated to using cruelty-free, natural products and we carefully make our candles to order to ensure they all adhere to our high standard of quality. We believe scents are powerful as they can trigger memories of a destination and create a mood to bring loved ones closer. This is why our fragrances are carefully selected and made from natural fragrances, instead of synthetic fragrances.

We believe in respecting and preserving the environment, so all our products are eco-friendly and made using natural, plant-based ingredients. Our candles are cruelty-free.

We are committed to giving back to the community by dedicating 100% of the profit from all out candle sample sets to educate children in rural areas of Sri Lanka.

Silky Rain’s products can be used to relax the mind in a variety of spaces and environments. Our candles are perfect for use in the home, as a gift, in spiritual places or to create a beautiful ambivalence for a special celebration.

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